Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"I don't DO disco."

Today was another really great, successful day! The HUF students went into various cities via train to go on a photo scavenger hunt of the city. Gabrielle and my assigned city was Arezzo. When I found out Arezzo was the city where the movie "Life is Beautiful" was filmed, I was so ecstatic to check out the city. That is one of my favorite movies of all time. It was the cutest little city ever- and it really wasn't big at all! Walking around the entire city front to back only took probably 20 minutes. It actually is the biggest city in eastern Tuscany!

While on the train it started snowing. I feel as if I jynxed us by saying I wanted it to snow in Italy... (I don't know, it just seemed romantic)... because we were really cold and had soaking wet "snow hair" after about 10 minutes outside. It was not a pretty sight. It looked like I got straight out of the shower.

We found all the major spots where the movie was filmed and took a million and five pictures. Yes, I counted, and there was a million and five, give or take a few. That is clearly not a hyperbole.

We also went to the different churches. We got to see the Legend of the True Cross that Piero della Francesca painted and hangs in the Church of San Francesco. I was upset that we couldn't take any pictures inside, and to be honest, I even teared up at one point looking at the beautiful artwork. I just sat there in awe for minutes, staring. The stained glass was simply breathtaking. I really can't even describe how gorgeous it is. Pictures would not do justice anyway, so I guess it really doesn't matter that we couldn't take any, though I really wanted to. I did sneak this one off a sign though...

There were a ton of other sites we saw of statues, churches and piazzas that were just so beautiful. Unfortunately, due to the snow and the freezing cold weather we just wanted to get back and take a hot, hot, very hot shower.

By the time we got back on the train to go back to Florence, I took my hair down and it was soaking wet, which meant it was curly curly curly! To prove how unattractive it was, I had Gabrielle take a picture.
Yes. Point proven.

Anyway, we were wet, freezing, tired and extremely exuberant which was clear from our obnoxious laughter that turned heads on the bus. Literally. Heads turned, noses snubbed us but we just did. not. care. We were headed back to the Bible College for a hot shower.

Apparently not everyone minded, however, because a man that was about 30 years old and had hair with gray pieces sprinkling his head asked what we were doing tonight. I was planning on saying "going to church" but then I realized it was Tuesday. So I simply told him the truth- we were working on our stories because we're journalists and our work seems to never end. (This is evident to our staying up to 3 or 3:30 every morning finishing our stories...) He asked for our numbers in case we wanted to go out with him tonight. When we told him it didn't work overseas, he asked for the number to the place where we were staying. (Sorry you have to read this mom.) He said he was asking because he wanted to take us to the disco. The best part of the day, let me just tell you, is my response and my facial expression to this preposterous request.

"....I don't DO disco." This is when he said "ciao," got off the bus, and left. Then we laughed some more. Gabrielle and I decided every time an Italian male hits on us from now on we will act obnoxious and they will be so embarrassed they will just leave.

What were we thinking though?!?? I mean... this could have been us! Why on earth would we turn that down? Stupido Americano touristas.

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